Gather Hear Alaska: End of Tour Concert

Friday // September 8 // 7pm

Follow along and be part of the adventure as pianist Miki Sawada tours with a piano in a van in her Gather Hear Alaska tour! Accompanied by a documentary filmmaker, Miki explores the idea of the piano as a gathering place - a rare place for people to pause their lives and open their ears, increase awareness, and listen deeply. 

We believe classical music is most enjoyable and most powerful when listened to in intimate settings among both friends and strangers. This tour focuses on bringing classical music to community hubs - cafes, schools, libraries, community centers, lodges. 

We want to know - Is classical music still relevant today? Could it maybe be more relevant today than ever, at a time when it seems like as a nation, we are constantly shouting over each other? Can we grow to be more empathetic to each other through this shared occasion of focused listening?

Yamaha AvantGrand Piano generously on loan from Classic Pianos of Anchorage

With support from Alaska Humanities Forum, National Endowment for the Humanities

Gather Hear Alaska is a Fractured Atlas project.