Matt The Electrician Solo at Church Of Love

With the most simple of musical devices, Matt The Electrician reinvents the singer-songwriter performance with melodic rapture and poetic efficiency. Over 20 years and a dozen records Matt has plied his untiring work ethic to this craft.

Matt's folk songs are delivered with such fluent command that it takes the listener a moment to realize that he is often intoning a sophisticated examination of life's joys and frailties.

In performance Matt's deft, understated wit and disarming spirit recall the confidence found in the masters of any trade; its all about the work. Mastery and humility are germane to the name, Matt The Electrician.

Tim Nixon's Music in the House Concert Series and Parlor In The Round are thrilled to bring you this very special performance! Expect the same Canadian hospitality you've come to love at Tim's house concerts - he and his crew will be rolling out the victuals before the show, and he's become famous for desert!

This show is first come, first serve. Please arrive early to get the seats you like!