Christine Sundly

Christine Sundly was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and is of the Menomonee Nation. Christine earned her Associated Degree of Applied Arts - Graphic Design at Milwaukee Area Technical College and then Continued on to earn a Bachelors of Fine Arts- Studio Art - with a concentration in Sculpture at University of Wisconsin- Stout. Moving to Alaska in the fall of 2014, Christine fell in love with the colors and the wildlife that is accessible here in Anchorage. Becoming inspired by the nature around her, the creation of her series of Alaskan animals was born. 

Artist Statement
Christine combined her painting and drawing techniques with digital design skills for creating her abstract Alaskan animals. Drawing abstract designs from a young age, the idea came to put them inside of an outline of an Alaskan animal. Christine set out to take her own photographs of the animals or use photos from friends or acquaintances. She then either digitally colored or hand painted in the negative space creating illustrations on paper or acrylic painting on canvas. Christine has an absolute love of color and patterns. Working inside the animals and creating colorful patterns has been an introspective adventure of thinking of each animal and the meaning they offer to us and how to represent them in the most respectful and creative way.