Graham Dane

Graham Dane was born just west of London, a small town called Maidenhead but left when nineteen to study studio art and art history at Oxford Brookes university where he also gained his first post-graduate. In 2013 he completed a Masters in History of Art at Birkbeck, London. In April 2015 he was fortunate enough to marry Linda Infante Lyons, another Anchorage based artist who is his creative partner and best friend.

Artist Statement
Three things keep me painting: pleasure, the challenge and an attempt to engage in a visual/critical conversation with other painters, both past and present. Pleasure is derived from the act of painting itself, of mixing and application. Challenge comes in many different forms in particular not knowing where a work will end. Every work might start with a single drawing or the elements from several but once the painting begins everything changes fairly quickly.

The works I make are found on the way to something else and are always unexpected. They’re informed by daily experience, memories and certain aspects of the world (including virology, bacteria, meteorology), chaos theory, of the artist as potential shaman and an interest in the notion of the sublime.

The sublime evades easy definition. Today the word is used for the most ordinary reasons, for a ‘sublime’ tennis shot or a ‘sublime’ evening. In the history of ideas it has a deeper meaning, pointing to the heights of something truly extraordinary, an ideal that artists have long pursued.

Think of my works as intersections of meaning where many roads meet. There is no attempt to provide a linear or literal meaning but rather an experience that is simultaneously visceral, emotional, psychological and intellectual. 

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