3D Model: Living Big, Living Small

June 14-August 4

Is Anchorage really ready to go small?

The proliferation of “tiny home” television shows continues to push conversations in this direction and CIHA struggles to find the “right” size for the market and for financial feasability. 

As we continue to shrink unit size, in order to maximize # of units, land restraints, affordability and budget, our 2-D models have not fully helped us understand the real constraints of smaller rooms and units. When we move from 2-D to real life we are not satisfied that we have found the right solution. 

We want to explore how we can maximize a one-bedroom unit design for ultimate livability and financial feasibility for actual development. We partnered with set designer Sheila Wyne to design a scale 3-D unit model with multiple moving parts and furniture to allow for real interaction in the space illustrating real constraints for real world living.

Once built, we will invite different focus groups, current residents, variety of demographics, to play in the set – arranging furniture how they would if they lived there and engage them for their thoughts on layout.

Interested in playing in the set? Email us at info@churchoflovespenard.com